5 Summer Makeup Tips

1/ Less is more In this hot and humid Tokyo summer, it is easy to smudge and sweat through your makeup. To avoid patchy foundation, use only what you need, like a concealer to cover the spots and dark circles. 2/ Try a tinted moisturize If you can’t fathom heading... read more

Quick Lifting Face Massage

It is important to exercise the muscles of your face to help keep you looking young. Here are a few tips on how to do a quick lifting massage at... read more

Cacao Tanning Mousse

  Cacao Tanning Mousse, is incredibly quick and easy to apply and in just one application, you can create your ultimate deep bronze tan! Best of all, Eco Tan’s self tanning mousse is a lightweight formulation that glides over your skin and dries quickly. It is... read more


                  Marque organique Hongroise qui offre des soins de peau purs et permet d’obtenir des résultats très efficaces sur tous les types de peaux. Les produits Ilcsi contiennent des ingrédients organiques... read more

How stress can mess with your skin!

  Stress happens! Even though our skin organ is wonderful, it does have a nasty habit of showing the “not so nice things” that are going on inside your bodies and minds. Here are some signs that your skin shows your stress: 1/ Dark circles and baggy under eyes... read more

Simplicité Trial Packs

True to the Simplicité range, these Trial Pack products are natural and organic— but they’re also highly effective. These combinations of freshly extracted, medicinal grade plant extracts and thoughtful formulas for skin types, will leave your skin feeling good... read more

Did you know most of us are cleansing incorrectly?

Makeup removal and cleansing is not the same thing While it may seem like you are removing all of your makeup with your regular cleanser, you aren’t actually removing it completely. We recommend using a separate eye makeup remover for around the eyes, eyelashes and... read more

What are Shellac Nails?

Even though it is not as widely used in Japan as Gel, overseas Shellac is more popular then gel and regular polish. Some of the reasons are: 1/ Shellac is more nail friendly then gel 2/ You don’t need to wait for drying like regular polish 3/ You don’t need to buff... read more