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Our Philosophy

The concept was simple: Provide high-end beauty treatments that are effective, healthy, and natural.

The majority of skincare products researched contained many chemicals that were not only potentially harmful to one’s health, but, may dehydrate and damage the elastin of the skin causing premature aging. This inspired Elana to search for an alternative skincare regime that would:

  • Improve the skin’s current condition by restoring vitality and radiance

  • Fight the aging process by preventing the degradation of the skin’s elastin

  • Improve overall health by caring for the body's largest organ- the skin

Elana concluded that the answer was by using products made from pristine, chemical-free natural ingredients that have unique healing and preventative powers. These products combined with unique stimulating massage techniques, proved to be very successful in instantly improving the skin’s radiance and reducing fine lines.

Even though we try to use certified organic ingredients when possible, some treatments just cannot be sourced organically. All of our products are made of the safest ingredients possible to ensure that you will always have the best treatments possible!

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About the Salon

Elana Jade Salon building location

The Elana Jade salon occupies the 4th floor of the NS AzabuJuban Building on the shopping street in AzabuJuban, Tokyo. AzabuJuban is conveniently located between Hiroo and Roppongi (8 minute walk from Roppongi Hills) and is the home to many hip cafes & restaurants, as well as traditional Japanese stores.


The tranquil ambience is heightened by warm lighting, with the aroma of fresh organic herbs & oils to tantalize the senses. Generously sized, enclosed treatment rooms provide a private and relaxing haven where guests come to escape the hustle & bustle of city life. All products used in Elana Jades organic skincare lines are delivered by internationally trained and experienced therapists. Elana Jade’s range of deluxe beauty treatments will have you looking your best from head to toe! “Your oasis in the heart of Tokyo”

Why Organic?

Our skin actually absorbs anything we apply to it, which means chemicals in non-organic beauty products can get into your bloodstream and possibly cause diseases, such as cancer. Pharmaceutical beauty products have ingredients that are synthetic in nature. They can include any number of different chemicals and ingredients that are not natural to the body such as Phthalates and paraben.


Phthalates have been found to cause reproductive issues and are known carcinogens, which means that they can cause cancer, while paraben has been found to cause reproductive issues in tests done with rats. When you use organic products packed with nutrients derived straight from Mother Nature, it means our skin can recognize and readily use these nutrients to improve health and vitality. Using organic beauty products not only keeps your skin clear, clean, and beautiful on the outside it has a positive effect on the body’s internal homeostasis.

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About Elana Jade

Owner, Elana Jade

After receiving her Diploma of Fitness in 2001, she expanded her knowledge in 2012 by studying and working in Beauty Therapy (completed with distinction specializing in skin anatomy and physiology). Since then, she had furthered her education by studying and receiving qualifications in fitness and nutrition as she believed that the optimal health comes from all aspects of health and beauty.


Elana has owned and run an organic beauty salon in Tokyo since 2009 and has worked with her husband and brother at their health club, Club 360. Her greatest achievement though is being a Mum to her 3 sons. If she thought she was busy before, now time management is definitely more of a puzzle!


Elana welcomes anyone who truly wishes to achieve healthy & beautiful skin to the Elana Jade Organic Beauty Salon! Qualifications & Certifications:

  • Certificate 4 in Beauty Therapy

  • Master Trainer Certificate 4 in Fitness (A.I.A.S)

  • Diploma of Fitness

  • Certification of Diet and Nutrition (Cadence Health)

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