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Prepare your skin for summer!

Suffering from breakouts on your back?

         A lot of people suffer from these breakouts due to sweat and oil mixing with dead skin and bacteria in your pores. It is best to treat this condition with a cleansing wash that has a gentle exfoliate action, as well as a light moisturiser. It is also beneficial for you to have regular back facials until the pimples clear.


Do you have dull, scaly skin from the winter months?

         If your skin has suffered over the cooler months, it is time to exfoliate and moisturise to help your skin recover. Lightly exfoliating your skin on a daily basis and/or twice a week using a more active exfoliant will remove excess dead skin cells to reveal brighter and renewed cells. Also moisturising morning and night will also help to protect and treat your skin condition; creating that summer glow we all want!


Looking down and seeing rough feet and cracked heels?

         Walking around in boots for the last few months can leave the soles of your feet with an unwanted buildup of dead skin, which is dry and sometimes painful. You can remove these excess layers by buying a pedi paddle to use in the shower once or twice a week and by applying light moisturiser to your feet before bed. To have you walking on cloud-nine, it is best to have a pedicure with a foot scrub and buff every 4 to 8 weeks!


Unable to show your legs from having unwanted hair?

          Since we cover up during the winter months, we tend to leave the unwanted hair on our bodies longer than usual. By removing your hair via waxing you will not only reveal a hairless complexion in that area, but your skin will be softer, smoother and brighter due the deeper exfoliation of the skin. To ensure you keep up-to-date with your hair removing schedule, remember to book your next appointment before you leave the salon.


Are you concerned with premature ageing and/or pigmentation?

         If you haven’t already, it is time to start protecting your skin from the sun now! A little vitamin D is extremely important for your skin and body, however over-exposure to UV rays is the number one cause of premature ageing and pigmentation. Wearing protective gear like a hat and sunglasses is effective in keeping away the harsh effects of the sun, however, we must never forget to use an organic sunscreen everyday. Please make sure you don’t forget your ears, neck, chest, hands, forearms and shoulders, as these areas are the first places to show the signs of ageing. Those who are out in the sun during the day should always remember to reapply.

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