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Simplicite Results Lift Gel

Updated: Mar 17

Results Lift Gel is a firming skin reviver that refreshes and brightens dull, tired skin. The lightweight, natural vitamin C treatment formula instantly hydrates, tones and gives skin a beautiful, luminous radiance.

Consider Results Lift Gel to be your ideal skin energiser—it delivers an immediate ‘lift’ along with continuing long term improvement to tone, texture and firmness.



  •   Rosehip husk–essential to stimulate skin’s production of anti-ageing collagen. 

  •   Cornsilk – stimulates tissue renewal.

  •   Rice bran – contains anti-aging anti-oxidants.


  •   Adds firmness and elasticity with every use.

  •   Gives a revitalising ‘lift’ to both skin and spirits.

How to Use 

  •   Apply after your toner and before you moisturise.

  •   Apply anytime of the day or night to revitalise skin.

  •   Use before applying makeup to give your skin an instant lift.

  • Use before touching up makeup or pat gently over makeup to revive both appearance.

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