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What is Shellac?

Updated: Mar 18

Have you heard about Shellac nails?

Even though it is not widely used in Japan as Gel, overseas Shellac is more popular than gel and regular polish. And why is this?

1/ More nail friendly then gel

2/ You don’t need to wait for drying like regular polish

3/ You don’t need to buff the nails (which helps to keep the nails stronger)

4/ Stays glossy

5/ Easy to remove!

One of the main reasons of nail damage with nail enhancement is the removal. The act of forcibly peeling the gel and Shellac with peel some of the top layers of your nails. Unlike gel however, Shellac can be easily removed with a dedicated solution without scraping the surface. To help you avoid peeling the Shellac off yourself at home, we have take off kits available for those who which to remove the Shellac at home. Applying the pack to each nail for 10 to 15 minutes will successfully remove the Shellac without damaging the nail. This is also a good excuse to sit and watch your favourite show!

At our salon we use a variety of CND and O.P.I. with a large range of colours and designs. Please contact us today for a booking!

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